About us



The idea

Whynotpriest.org” was born as a response from a group of Catholic seminarians of the Legionaries of Christ, upon hearing the words that St. John Paul II addressed to young people: “Today is a wonderful time to be a priest!”  The idea was to openly propose the priestly vocation.


Launch of “The way

The website is updated in 5 languages: Spanish, English, German, Italian and French. In addition, the song The way, performed and produced by legionary religious and recorded in the vicinity of St. Peter’s Square in Rome, is published on Youtube.


The initiative is reborn

After 4 years of inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restructuring of the apostolic activity of the Legionary religious in Rome, the initiative was taken up again with a new focus: promotion of priestly vocations and prayer for vocations.

Our spiritual family

The main work of WhyNotPriest is to propose the priestly vocation to the young people of today in a closer, testimonial and direct way, using the current digital tools and media.

This is why the work team is made up of Legion of Christ religious and priests who love their vocation and want to witness that it is possible to find fulfillment in this specific path to the priesthood, which is configured as a free response to God’s call to follow him more closely.


Community Manager

Edgar Henríquez, LC


Elton Mariano, LC


Jordán Sánchez, LC


Enmanuel Toro, LC